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An effective, simple and fun way to become proficient in building blocks of English Language.


Fun and Games


Crosswords are an excellent way to improve concentration and analytical skills and nurtures cognitive functionality of the brain in a complete way


A mind challenging activity that would enhance the visual memory & observation skills of the learner. 


This game is highly stimulating for the mind and helps in registering the word as a whole. Memory game is not only fun to play, but it also enhances the vocabulary effectively. 

Learning is fun at Spellasaurus


Games involving pictures help in learning & registering word’s vocabulary in a quicker and effective manner. 


This fun activity greatly helps in identifying both letter and spelling patterns.


Time-bound activities effectively help reduce, both, the processing and response time of the knowledge acquired for the learner in a fun & competitive way.

Many More Such Games and Activities to Make Learning Fun

I want to learn...

(Knock, Castle, Comb)

This is how we do it

How we help you spell a SAURUS

Learn spelling patterns at Spellasaurus

Spelling Patterns

SPELL ‘A’ SAURUS makes it simple to learn by teaching through various spelling patterns, like, when to use ie/ei, when to double a consonant, when to drop a letter, how to make words plural, thus reducing the complexity that lies behind English Spelling.

Letter Patterns

An elaborate attention has been given to letter pattern teaching methodology in SPELL ‘A’ SAURUS. This technique offers not only a strong visibility, but also provides a solid structure to a wide range of known and unknown English words. Patterns like –igh, -dge, -ough, -tion, -sion,  scr-, thr-, sch- and many more. 

Learn Letter Patterns at Spellasaurus
Learn Reading English at Spellasaurus


Reading and Spelling has a direct correlation. Words gain tremendous visibility once they are approached using various spelling and letter patterns, which otherwise are randomly approached, as if there is no body and no structure to them. When randomly approached, reading becomes limited to only a few sight words, leading to almost no fascination for reading. Therefore, SPELL ‘A’ SAURUS uses READING as a TOOL for the application of various concepts taught.


Writing skills are extremely crucial to facilitate communication. Weak spellers would always attempt to write words that they can spell, therefore restricting, as well as, depriving themselves of enhanced vocabulary. SPELL ‘A’ SAURUS equips its learners with a comprehensive system of learning various spelling systems that will, in turn,  empower them with an expansive range of English words.

Learn Writing English Skills at Spellasaurus
Learn Pronunciation in English at Spellasaurus


SPELL ‘A’ SAURUS explores the structure of English words in such a way that all the aspects of English Language-Visibility, Reading, Writing and Speaking-are carefully dealt with,  by offering a comprehensive curriculum, using some innovative tools, therefore, making it fully application-oriented. Learners would be able to PRONOUNCE even unknown English words correctly using the various concepts taught.

Games & Activities

Last but not the least, we want to make it FUN, INTERESTING & INTERACTIVE for the learners as we believe that only through fun games and activities we can have them fully involved in the learning process. Learning through enjoyment is the best way to ensure its practical application. 

Play Games and Activities to learn Grammer at Spellasaurus


 Here’s how they’re learning with so much ease and having fun with SPELLA ‘A’ SAURUS.

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Every word has a story to tell!

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