Ways to improve your child’s English Spelling

1. Teach Phonemes

The sounds of the letters which we pronounce are known as phonemes. There are a total of 44 unique sounds that help us distinguish the meanings of the English alphabet. We learn English spellings with the help of these sounds very easily.

2. Know about Mnemonic Sounds

The mnemonic sounds are used as a strategy to remember the English words easily. It helps the children to improve the important information effectively. This technique helps to remember English spellings in a visual way.

3. Make them play Interactive Games

You can have some word games or spell games and make your child play with them.

4. Make them watch Videos

Children learn visually more than theoretically. Ask them to watch animated videos that are created for educational purposes that  helps a child learn spellings faster while enjoying the video.

5. Engage them with Different Activities

You need to make your child aware of the objects like it’s shape, colors, and size. Show him the objects and let him identify them for himself. This will help him memorize the objects and it’s spellings easily.